What is the Ballancer┬«Pro ?

  • Groundbreaking compression therapy system that uses the proven principles of lymphatic drainage massage

  • Fast and reliable results in the most comfortable setting

  • FDA cleared, safe, effective and non-invasive (class II device, with Over-The-Counter clearance)

  • Two patent-protected, specialized garments of 24 overlapping chambers target every inch of the WHOLE body

 The Ballancer┬«Pro is based on the principles of manual lymphatic drainage and helps flush out swelling, eliminate toxins, lactic acid and muscle soreness, like no other device.It bridges the gap between athletic recovery, wellness and aesthetic.


  • Direct toxin flush out through the thoracic duct/subclavian vein

  • Full Body recovery

  • Immediate reduction of pain and swelling

  • Recovery and treatment of hip and glute area 

  • Upper body garments for shoulders, arms and back (very important for basketball and football players)

  • Helps perform at their highest level on a nightly/daily basis 

  •  Can be used as tool for warm-up and enhancing circulation before exercise or a game without putting additional strain on the body

  •  Effective recovery can reduce the risk of injury and number of games missed

  • Treats lower back and abdomen

  • Reduction of healing time post surgery or injury

  •  Weight management

  •  Stimulation of dermal and subdermal circulation

  •  Increases oxygen levels in the blood flow and nourishment to tissue

  •  Lymphatic drainage accelerates the removal of waste products from fat metabolism